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Battling Ehlers-Danlos syndrome through archery :iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 2 8 You would never know I'm disabled by looking... :iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 5 8 Different Species Speaking the Same Language :iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 1 2 Offspring: view from the safety of the side stage. :iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 4 2 Greg K finally autographed my drawing of him. :iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 3 0 Final photo of Biophilia project :iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 3 0 Progress on Biophilia art project (photo) :iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 1 0 Biophilia project for Earth in balance class :iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 0 0 I'm the King of my Jungle :iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 5 0 Walking Glow Stick for My Gay Friends :iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 5 11 The Bond Between Sisters :iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 3 5 New haircut, no make-up...also, no sleep. :iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 1 10 The Light Cancels All But a Window to the Soul :iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 2 2
Who Writes a Poem About Greg K?
Who Writes a Poem About Greg K?
 - "Melyssa K" Kennedy 1/19/13
There once was a man
Whose last name none could say
So he decided
To go with Greg K
He is a mystery
That no one can solve
The one thing we know
Is that he plays golf
Smiles more than you think
Talks more than you know
He is the silent one
Who steals the show
He does what he wants
He says what he pleases
He rocks on the stage
And then quickly leaves
He sways playing bass
We all know this
Sings perfectly, too
A note never missed
I feel lucky that
He once smiled at me
He's not just a badass
He's also sweet
He'll never see
The things that we write
Or know he inspires
But it's all right
I am not sure
What else to say
So I'll end with this
Happy Birthday, Greg K!
:iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 6 13
100K Views and a New Bass :iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 7 41 The Energy of Greg K, Bassist of the Offspring :iconmelyssathepunkrocker:MelyssaThePunkRocker 2 0


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Battling Ehlers-Danlos syndrome through archery
Learn more about my disability here: melyssathepunkrocker.deviantar…

I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a crippling and painful genetic illness that has forced me to quit working and going to college. I've had to give up other activities and hobbies, as well, but I've picked up archery with my friends. I have to be careful so I don't injure myself, and you can see my ankle and knee braces in this photo. This is from my third session.
You would never know I'm disabled by looking...
Help me raise Ehlers-Danlos syndrome awareness! Info on EDS here:

I am Melyssa K and I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. My major symptoms began in 2010, years after I joined the Deviantart community. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is known as an invisible illness because one with it may look no different than someone without it. EDS is a genetic condition that affects the production of collagen, the body's glue. It's made improperly so tissues composed of collagen are too elastic and are prone to damage. Symptoms include joint hypermobility, widespread pain, joint dislocations and subluxation, ligament and tendon tears, spasms, extremely tight muscles, tendinitis and other types of inflammation, astigmatism, easy bruising (easily ruptured blood vessels,) increased scar formation, delayed wound healing, hard stools that cause pain and bleeding, tolerance to certain medications, gastrointestinal issues, and has been linked to POTS and MAST cell activation syndrome. It's rare and not well known in the medical community or among the public. It would be more common but many are misdiagnosed or die without ever getting any diagnosis. It took over six years, countless nights crying in pain and despair, five rheumatologists, and several other specialists to get me a diagnosis from a great doctor, Dr. max Shenin. I was diagnosis about five months ago. I was mostly dismissed and not taken seriously by any doctor until I saw him, even though the pain made me suicidal and stop eating at times. I endure chronic and intense pain in my wrists, elbows, shoulders, back, neck, knees, ankles, feet, and sometimes my hips, sacroiliac joint, and fingers. I dressed up for my friends' engagement party today. I decided to not wear my knee braces because the outfit looks better without them. You can't see my ankle braces under my boots and my orthotics would not fit in the boots. I am in pain 24/7 and have been unable to work for two years. I had to quit college because of the pain in my knees and wrists. I had to use crutches to commute to and from college and still use them if I'm on my feet for over an hour. I've been in physical therapy on and off since 2009, my current gym regimen consists mostly of physical therapy exercises, and I've have had foot and wrist surgeries as a result of injuries caused by my EDS. I'm currently taking about 10 medications to manage the symptoms of my various condition. I will likely need more surgeries and stronger pain medications in the future. I'm currently pursuing disability because my bank account can't last forever. I'll never be able to live on my own because I can't do much house work. Every time imove, I risk tearing or spraining my connective tissues. My true friends understand I have limitations, but some people think I'm an attention whore, a hypochondriac, or are too negative. Living with EDS is like being trapped in a body that is slowly falling apart at the seams.

Some of the things I can no longer do or are limited because of my EDS and the pain it causes:
Jump, run, crouch, work, pivot on my feet, draw for more than fifteen minutes at a time, play guitar, bass, and drums, roller blade, go to college, lean on my elbows, wear thin heels, walk long distances, skip, sit on hard surfaces for more than ten minutes, sleep in my bed without lots of cushioning pillows, open jars, chop hard vegetables, lift moderately heavy things, spar with friends, and many more activities people typically take for granted.

Some other conditions I have, some directly or indirectly caused by my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, some unrelated.
Bursitis in knees, shoulders, and hip
Tendinitis in knees, wrists, and inside and outside of elbows
Cubital tunnel syndrome
Patella tracking disorder
Tear in TFCC in wrists
Polycystic ovary syndrome
Asperger's syndrome
Chronic depression
Severe ADHD
Joint hypermobility
Melanoma (successfully removed. Cancer-free since 2010)
Osteopenia caused by hyperparathyroidism (surgery removed the tumor)
Kidney stone in 2007 caused by my previous hyperparathyroidism

I also happen to be transgender. My gender identity is androgynous, but I'm more male than female. However, I've decided to keep my woman body. I'm also asexual!
  • Reading: Offspring forum and twitter
  • Watching: Avatar (the movie)
  • Playing: Mindgames with the evil monkey in my closet
  • Eating: Nothing now
  • Drinking: Strawberry soda and Vanilla chai tea
I want to attend an Offspring concert with some of my best friends on September 11th in Iowa. My friend Suzy mentioned to Greg in a M&G how I want to interview him and gave him a petition we had made and some sample questions I picked out and he referred to me as, "Our Melyssa." I am out of work with an injury and have no income but REALLY want to go to this concert with Suzy and other members of our group. Any amount of money donated would be GREATLY appreciated.…
Greg refers to me as, "Our Melyssa," and then smiles at 3:36 into this video of Suzy's M&G with the band.

Please help my dream come true and "like" this page! One simple click is all it takes. Please! It will be for me and the other fans. I really want this to interview Greg K!…

I made a pretty cool page on twitter dedicated to my favorite bassist, Greg K of the Offspring. He's the one I drew and posted to the front of my DA page.
This band has been my savior throughout my teenaged years and if not for them, I'd have given up on life a long time ago.
Greg K is so shy and quiet, yet badass. I think of clever reasons why he is badass and post them from the "K Page." I started playing guitar and bass because of the Offspring and now, due to wrist injuries, I can no longer play guitar. So, I play bass and I idolize the under-appreciated talents of Greg K. I'll update this journal entry as I think of more things to say. Check out the page and see if you like it. All offspring fans are welcome!


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Current Residence: Trevose, Pennsylvania, USA
Favourite genre of music: Pop-rock and punk-rock, some classic rock, indie rock
Favourite photographer: Me
Favorite TV shows: Psych, CSI, CSI: Miami, House, Deadly Women, I Shouldn't Be Alive, Destroyed in Seconds, the Universe, Through the Wormhole, Wonders of the Solar System and the Universe with Brian Cox, Science of the Impossible with Michio Kaku, Face-Off, South Park, 48 Hour Mystery, Mystery Diagnosis, Jurassic Fight Club


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